Benefits of

Benefits of BusinessID platform

With BusinessID you get a swiss knife for your business:

* Create a your digital business identity for more security and trust (incl. SEO).

* Create digital business certificates (tokens) for your company and employees.

* Share business critical documents and assets with external users.

* Collecte business reviews and feedback from your customers.

* Manage NDA documents easy.

* Create digital business collaboration rooms for easy digital communication .

* Find new international business partners and create a unique company landingpage .

Why need digital business identity?

Business identity is essential to building recognition, credibility and trust. It is the visual representation of a business and its brand, and helps to differentiate it from its competitors. A business identity helps to create a memorable brand that customers can recognize and trust, and can also be used to influence how customers perceive the business and its services. By having a consistent and unified identity, businesses can provide a consistent image to their customers and build an emotional connection.

We specialize in creating unique and memorable business identities that can help your company stand out from the competition and create trust with your customers. We use a variety of tools and techniques to create a distinct and recognizable brand that resonates with your target audience. Our services include logo design, corporate identity design, website design, business card design, and other branding materials. We also specialize in creating custom-made print and digital marketing materials, such as brochures, flyers, videos, and more. With our help, you can ensure that your business has a strong and recognizable identity that will help you build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Why need digital business certificate?

A digital business certificate is a form of electronic identification that is used to establish and verify the identity of a business online. It provides assurance to customers and other businesses that the transaction is secure and that the business is legitimate. By having a digital business certificate, businesses can provide customers with a secure, trusted and reliable method to transact with them online. Furthermore, it can help businesses build trust with customers and other businesses, protecting their reputation and helping them to maintain a competitive edge.

Digital business certificates are documents that are used to verify the identity of a business, its address, and other important information. These certificates are typically issued by a government or other third-party organization and are used to prove the legitimacy of a business. They are often required to register a business, obtain financing, and conduct business with other companies. Digital business certificates provide a secure and reliable way of providing information about a business and can be used to protect customers and other stakeholders from fraud.

Yes, we provide digital business certificates. Our digital business certificates are issued by a trusted third-party organization, such as an international government, and verify a business’s identity and services. These certificates help to ensure secure, trusted online transactions and data protection. Digital business certificates are an important part of online security and can help protect your customers and their data.

You own a business collaboration room

A business collaboration chat room is a virtual space where employees, customers, and partners can interact in real-time to discuss and share ideas, collaborate on projects, and communicate on any topic related to the business. It can be used to ask specific questions, discuss problems, and brainstorm new ideas. It can also be used to keep everyone on the same page, stay in the loop, and provide support. It is a great way to keep communication flowing and ensure that everyone is on the same page.It allows for easy and quick collaboration, sharing of ideas, and problem-solving. Business chat rooms are often used by teams in order to coordinate projects, discuss strategies, and brainstorm ideas. They are also used for customer service and support, allowing for quick and easy communication between customers and employees.

Your company employee get a digital business certificates

Digital Business Certificates are given to employees and shareholders of the company. Digital Employee Certificates are digital documents that can be used to authenticate an employee's identity and qualifications. They are typically issued by employers and contain information such as the employee's name, job title, employer name, date of hire, and other details. Digital Employee Certificates are a convenient and secure way to verify an employee's credentials and can be used to manage employee access to corporate resources, as well as to track employee performance and attendance.

Digital business certificates are a great way to ensure that your employees are up to date with the latest industry standards and regulations. They can also help to demonstrate to potential customers and employers that they have the necessary skills and qualifications to be successful in the workplace. By providing digital business certificates, your employees will have the knowledge and credentials they need to succeed in their roles and to better serve your company and its customers.

You will get Customer Review Management system

Easily collect and verify feedback from your customers and partners through this platform. Customer Review Management is the practice of monitoring, collecting, and responding to customer reviews. This includes tracking customer reviews across multiple channels (e.g. social media, customer review websites, etc.) and responding to customer feedback in a timely manner. Companies often use Customer Review Management to improve customer service, build trust, and gain insights into customer sentiment that can be used to inform product and service decisions.

Customer review management system is a software solution that helps businesses manage and analyze customer feedback. It enables businesses to monitor customer reviews across multiple channels, measure customer sentiment, and gain insights into customer experience. It also provides tools to respond effectively to customer reviews, manage review sources, and report on customer feedback. With customer review management system, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty, and drive more sales.

You will get a business contact management system

Our Business contact management systems are designed to help businesses store and manage customer contact information, such as customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details. These systems are typically used to store customer contact information, track customer interactions, create contact lists, schedule appointments, and generate reports. Business contact management systems can also be used to track customer purchase history, segment customer lists, and send automated emails.

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